Kelly Killagain studied fine art and creative writing at Moore College of Art & Design, focusing closely on the various relationships between humans and animals and how they can be used to understand human psychology. During this time, she was an intern and apprentice at Premium Blend Tattoo under Ty Pallotta. After graduating in 2013, she continued to tattoo, developing an interest in dotwork/stippling, intricate linework pieces, as well as full color tattoos that range from traditional to watercolor. Killagain is constantly creating her own personal artwork that stems from her fascination with animals and psychology.


My name is Kelly Colligan and I make things with my hands. Kelly Killagain was born in a coffee shop while brainstorming a tattoo-persona that I swore was a joke. I believe that art connects people to one another and communicates ideas that may not have words. However, words are powerful too and I like to write with them whenever I can. I’m an introvert who likes people, loves animals, and kills plants despite my very best efforts. I daydream about the universe and our role within it. It’s sometimes daunting, so I eat a lot of cake and pet a lot of cats.