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Do you tattoo minors?


Yes, but you really should wait until you’re 18.


I’m under 18, what do I need?


If you can’t possibly wait until you’re 18, I will only tattoo you under these conditions:


• You must be at least 16 years old

• You will need your birth certificate that states both parent’s names and has a raised seal

• BOTH parents must come to the shop to sign a form/show ID’s*

• You will also need a state issued ID such as a driver’s license, a photo ID from the DMV, or an updated passport

• One parent is required to be with you during the entire duration of the tattoo


* Regardless if your parents are divorced or if you only speak to one parent, I will still need all legal guardians to consent. If you only have one parent, I need paperwork that states they are the sole legal guardian. No, you may not have the form signed at home. All forms are signed at the shop.


Do my parents have to come to the shop together to give consent?


Only if they want to! If one parent would like to stop by the shop Monday-Friday 11am-7pm to do their part of the form, they are welcome to.


My mom/dad isn’t in the same town/state/country/planet/space-time-continuum as me, what do I do?


Google space-time-continuum and refrain from an existential breakdown. Or just wait until you’re 18. I know everyone’s situation is different, but it’s really hard to keep everything fair and legally safe for all parties involved. If you want to ask me about your specific situation feel free to call the shop and ask for Kelly.


I don’t have a driver’s license yet or an updated passport, what do I do?


Parallel park, make travel plans, and bring me an updated School Photo ID in the meantime, but only if it’s all you have.



If you cannot meet all of these requirements, I will not tattoo you (until you’re 18 of course!). If you have any specific questions regarding tattooing minors, please call the shop (609.597.6110) and ask for Kelly.