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I’d first like to thank all of you for being so patient while waiting for my books to reopen.
I appreciate you all so much!


​My next Booking Day will be Sunday, February 25th from 8am - 8pm

I will be booking for March, April, and May

Read Below for more info on how to submit!

If you're new to this process, hello! Due to high demand/volume of requests, I book appointments via Booking Days which are specific days I advertise where I accept tattoo requests to book for upcoming months. Outside of booking days you can refer to this page which covers all information about the process. Please be aware that every booking day I update this page to ensure it's the most accurate.

You MUST be 18 or older and only you can set up your appointment

(please don't submit for someone else unless you are requesting matching tattoos)

Please Include the following in your submission:


• A description of your tattoo request. Short and sweet is best, but be concise.


• Placement, be specific such as “right inner bicep”


• A rough idea of size (in inches)

• Availability/what days work best for you (Wednesday - Saturday). You can also include what month you prefer, I'll do my best to keep that in mind.

• Budget if you have one
• Attach any reference images to help illustrate your idea (not required, but can be helpful). For arm or leg placements, please also attach an image of the area where you'd like your tattoo--this helps me so much when I design! Just be sure the image is taken by a frie
nd, head-on and while your limb/body is standing at rest (no angled photos).

How to Submit your Request:

• From 8am - 8pm on Sunday, February 25th you may email me your request at Make sure to include all required info! 


• I will not accept/respond to emails sent prior to 8am or after 8pm. 

Every booking day, I receive anywhere from 100 - 200 submissions, but I only will book for 2-3 months at a time. I realistically can't book everyone who submits, I apologize in advance and please know it's never personal! 


Things to know:


• I repeat, you MUST be 18 or older to get a tattoo, but you may inquire for a tattoo if you will be 18 by the time of your appointment date. I repeat, no minors. You must bring a government issued photo ID to your appointment (Driver's License, Passport, etc) 


• I repeat, only YOU can set up your tattoo appointment. I need to have a direct conversation with the person who is getting a tattoo unless you are getting a matching tattoo with someone else (in that case, one submission is fine!)


• Due to high demand, I’ll be choosing projects based on content/what I feel my work is best suited for. I prioritize unfinished projects on my returning clients but also pieces that I find enjoyable or exciting, especially when clients have an idea in mind but give me their trust. Right now, I’m still really into floral/botanical pieces, cute animals, objects, objects with flowers, and I LOVE hybrid creatures/objects (think Pumpkin-cat, potion bottle bat, etc) but I’m absolutely open to hearing other ideas too! I really want to add more solid black accents and more shadows to my pieces to push my portfolio further--the more trusting you are, the better I can design for you! 

• I'm very particular about taking on pet portraits, I'm trying to pull away from them unless there is a REALLY great reference image--if you inquire about one, please include a few photo options that are clear, high resolution images with no cropping of the head/ears. I draw directly on top of images of pets, so the photo is super important. I have a minimum of $600 for pet portraits regardless of size (I don't do micro tattoos/pet portraits)


I do not do coverups.

I do not finish or rework tattoos not done by me, please do not request such projects.


• I’m not taking on any requests for color tattoos, even if it's a "hint."

• Due to time constraints, designs are not typically worked on until the day before and the morning of appointments, so you will be seeing your design when you come in. That’s also why the conversation we have prior is really important, your familiarity with my style is too so you know what to expect. Consultations can be made, especially for larger pieces to ensure we're on the same page.


• Pricing is $200/hour, a $75 or $100 deposit will be required to reserve an appointment date. Deposits are always non-refundable, but they go toward the price of your tattoo. I use Square, I will email an invoice to pay the deposit online as soon as a date is agreed upon. If you're local and would rather drop off a cash deposit, just let me know! 

• I try to give best and worst case scenario hourly estimates just so everyone's on the same page, but please be aware that it's not an exact price quote. The size we end up using, the amount of detail, the placement, and how well you sit are all factors that can make sessions fluctuate in time, thus fluctuating in price. Be honest if you have a budget, that way I can let you know what's possible and what isn't.

• If you need to reschedule your appointment, please let me know at least 48 hours prior to your appointment date (a week prior is preferable) in order to move your deposit to a new date. Last minute rescheduling will result in losing your deposit; a new deposit will be required to reserve a new appointment. No shows will not be guaranteed a new appointment even with a new deposit. 


Why Booking Days?
Due to high demand, if I leave my books open I end up booking out for too many months/over a year. If I don't know what's going on 6 months from now, I certainly don't expect my clients to plan that far ahead either. Besides, sometimes ideas change over time, budgets change, my s
tyle evolves slowly over time, and so many other factors make me feel certain that the sweet spot is to book every 2-3 months which I'm aiming to stick to more rigidly.

Why did your pricing go up?
As I'm sure everyone has noticed, pricing for many things has exponentially increased over the past couple years, making it more expensive to purchase the best supplies and aftercare, to accept card payments with high processing fees, etc. Keep in mind that an artist's hourly rate includes not only all the supplies used and the time an artist takes to tattoo you, but also all the time spent corresponding/booking, the time spent drawing your design (which in some cases takes more time to do than the tattoo itself), as well as the years of experience and reputation an artist has.

Do you ever draw flash?
Yes! I'm purposely blocking off dates in my book to draw more flash/offer flash days. I always post about upcoming flash days/designs available over on Instagram (@kellykillagain). Sometimes these can happen at random due to last minute cancellations, but I try to give a heads up in my story before I make official posts offering my own designs. You can choose to turn on post/story notifications so you don't miss out on these events!



I’ll be doing my very best to get responses out as efficiently as possible, but because I'm only one person this process takes a while to complete (weeks, could be a month so keep an eye on your emails!)
Please be patient. Inquiries who I cannot accommodate will be emailed about their status once I'm certain.


As you probably know, I cannot guarantee everyone an appointment due to time constraints/a high volume of requests. I apologize in advance if you don’t snag a date, I promise it’s nothing personal!


Thank you again for your patience and for reading this all the way through. Your support allows me to have this amazing job. I appreciate you all so much!


With Gratitude,


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